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Where are we located?

120 Breezy Bay Drive, Gilbert, SC 29054


How can I reserve a lot in the community?

Fill out our Contact Form on our Home Page to begin the process of reserving your lot in the community.


What type of lease is required?

A two-year minimum lease is required.


What is the lot reservation process?

There will be an upfront lot reservation fee of $2500. During the first 59 days, that fee is fully refundable.
On Day 60, that money becomes nonrefundable.
Your new home order must be placed within the first 90 days from the date of lot reservation. 
Of the $2500, $1500 goes towards the lot reservation and $1000 will be credited toward the purchase of your new home.


Can I bring my own home into the community and rent a lot or am I required to buy a home from the developer's dealership?

Yes, you can bring your own home but there is a $20,000 surcharge to be paid in full prior to moving your home into the community. Your home must also be approved aesthetically by Management. 


How much is lot rent?

Lot rent is $650.00 per month.


What is included in lot rent?

Water and sewer are included, as well as trash removal and access to our many amenities


Do I own the land?

Residents of Pond Walk Community do not own the land, but do have a secure place for their tiny home within a developed community. Monthly rent covers the leasing of the home site, upkeep and maintenance of all common spaces, and use of all amenities!


How many lots are there in the community? And what are the lot dimensions?

There are 31 home sites available. The lot dimensions are 30 feet wide and 50 feet long.


Is fencing allowed?

Fencing of residential lots may be allowed pending the review and approval by the Architectural Review Committee. Submitting an ARC form is free, and you will be asked to supply a sketched plan of the proposed fence location for review. The design of fences (material, height, aesthetic) shall be compatible with the architecture of the home and should blend with the surrounding neighborhood.


What is a Park Model Home?

Park Model Homes, also known as Park Model Recreational Vehicles, are built to the ANSI A119.5 standard and are no larger than 400 square feet. They bear a blue and gold RVIA seal certifying that the manufacturer has complied with the rigorous requirements of these housing standards. These are higher standards than most stick-built homes today.


Will a background check be required prior to tenancy?

Yes. It is our policy to offer equal housing opportunities to all qualified applicants without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or any other class protected by law.

We require every person residing in Pond Walk Community to be listed on the Lease. A standard application for residency must be completed by each occupant over the age of 18; and, for the protection of all residents of Pond Walk Community, every resident over the age of 18 must pass our standard background check. 


Are pets allowed?

Yes, but there are some restrictions.

There is a maximum of two pets per household.

Cats: Indoor only.

Dogs: No aggressive breeds allowed.

Outdoor-only pets are prohibited.


Do you have homes available to rent?

Pond Walk Community does not rent homes at this time. Our goal is to fill the Community with owner-occupied units. However, we do reserve the right to change this policy in the future.


Where do I purchase my home that will be placed in the community?

Stone Canyon Cabins of Columbia is the affiliated Park Model Dealership with Pond Walk Community. If you elect to purchase a home from another dealer, please refer to FAQ #5.

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